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Video: Transitions in Life and Career as a Physician

transitions video vlog Jan 06, 2024

This month's vlog is about knowing the anatomy of typical change and transition so you can normalize the difficult parts.  More tips in my 5 part blog series - the final in the series comes out next week

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Video: Separating out Fact from Story


Begin recognizing your automatic stories that include fact and assumptions. This creates room for you to break common thought distortions. And shift your perspective towards one that serves you better. 

Have a joy-filled month - Tonya

Our 12-week course for individual physicians walks you through detailed steps of ditching of how our thoughts work. You learn how to decrease unnecessary suffering, protecting and increasing your energy, and fostering your ideal future. 

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Video: Cultivating Friendships


Friendships are important in life. It's natural that the nature of our work sets some obstacles in place to those friendships. This month's blog discusses the secret of cultivating and maintaining those friendships - intentionality and creativity. 

Have a joy-filled, friendship-cultivating month! Tonya

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Video: Setting Boundaries for Your Health


Last month we talked about dropping the manuals for others. In this month's vlog, we cover a coaching perspective on setting and keeping boundaries. 

Learn how the Joy in Family Medicine Hybrid Coaching Program can help your residency program here.

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Video: Holding too Many Manuals

acceptance manuals vlog Jul 31, 2021

This month's vlog is about how keeping manuals for how things "should be" and how people "should act" causes some unnecessary drama and suffering.  Since we can't control people, wishing they were different causes us more pain. Acceptance is such a healthy way to live. But that doesn't mean you can't have "asks" or work to improve things. Stay tuned for next month's vlog on boundaries to see how these two concepts go hand-in-hand.

If you know of a resident or faculty who is struggling,...

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Video: Quieting the Inner Critic


Developing awareness that the repeated negative things you think of yourself are not actual facts is the first step in of quieting the inner critic. In this video, I give you a sneak peek inside my brain .  (More detail is given in my written blog.)

Enjoy!  Tonya

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Video: Self-Care is not selfish


Self-care isn't going to remove all the various external difficulties in the system, but it will bolster your natural resilience and renew your energy for the tasks at hand. 

Recognize that you need to recharge regularly. You will have more energy and presence in all other areas of your life. It is not selfish. Pick one area you know you'd benefit from if done regularly.

1. Prioritize it and put it on the schedule.

2. Keep your promise to yourself.

3. Have fun rediscovering what is...

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Video: Receiving Feedback as Physicians For Growth


Join me in this month's vlog where my ever-patient instructor, Dr. Julie Hood Wilson, helps me learn to skate ski as an adult. We are joined by Holly Brooks, 2-time Olympian, and high-performance coach, as we discuss better ways to look at feedback as physicians. 

Ready to uplevel your take on things and experience more joy? Learn more about working with me as your coach. 



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Video: Cultivate What Matters


This month's vlog focuses on important relationships. Learning to be intentional in cultivating creative time now is key to maintaining and growing relationships.  Try to limit putting relationships on auto-pilot.  The arrival fallacy hurts relationships - thinking "after residency," "after fellowship," "after I get my practice up and running", I'll have time to spend with those important to me. Please don't fall for it. 

Have a joy-filled day!  Tonya

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Video: Exploring Limiting Beliefs


In this month's Vlog I discuss limiting beliefs and how you can start to uncover them and decide if you want to change them or not.  

As a physician, they can show up in your career or outside of work. How do you describe yourself? What things do you believe about yourself that are keeping you from growth, reaching for higher goals, or just keeping you stuck?  Do you want to be chief? Do you want to climb the academic ladder? Maybe you had a fleeting thought of becoming the CMO? Are...

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