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Video: Self-Care is not selfish


Self-care isn't going to remove all the various external difficulties in the system, but it will bolster your natural resilience and renew your energy for the tasks at hand. 

Recognize that you need to recharge regularly. You will have more energy and presence in all other areas of your life. It is not selfish. Pick one area you know you'd benefit from if done regularly.

1. Prioritize it and put it on the schedule.

2. Keep your promise to yourself.

3. Have fun rediscovering what is...

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Self-care as a busy physician

Self-care can consist of many things.  Good nutrition, exercise/movement, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, reading, spiritual practice, connection with others, gratefulness, giving, setting boundaries, getting out in nature, relaxing, play, restorative sleep, pampering, goal setting/prioritizing, vacations, scheduled alone/downtime. Basically, self-care means taking time to improve and prioritize your physical, spiritual, and emotional/mental health.


Many of the...

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