Shaming Feedback vs Growth feedback - take homes from Duolingo.

Can we talk all things feedback? Feedback can be beneficial for doctors to gain awareness of strengths and opportunities for improvement.  As physicians that went through innumerable tests and critiques before and during medical school, throughout training, and in ongoing board certification and quality measures, we can fall into some unhealthy patterns around evaluations.  The impact of any feedback actually depends, not only on the methods and the giver, but on how it’s received. 


Thankfully over the last few years, there has been an emphasis on quality feedback processes in residency training.  I personally feel it’s better than 20 years ago - intentional encouragement for feedback to be specific, timely, positive and constructive, involving the self-reflection of the resident, with mutually designed goals and action plans. I also know in the world of academics, it’s not perfect every time.  But the effort is in place. So, this...

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