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Video: Receiving Feedback as Physicians For Growth


Join me in this month's vlog where my ever-patient instructor, Dr. Julie Hood Wilson, helps me learn to skate ski as an adult. We are joined by Holly Brooks, 2-time Olympian, and high-performance coach, as we discuss better ways to look at feedback as physicians. 

Ready to uplevel your take on things and experience more joy? Learn more about working with me as your coach. 



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Shaming Feedback vs Growth feedback - take homes from Duolingo.

Can we talk about all things feedback? Feedback can be beneficial for doctors to gain awareness of strengths and opportunities for improvement.  As physicians who went through innumerable tests and critiques before and during medical school, we can fall into some unhealthy patterns around evaluations throughout training and in ongoing board certification and quality measures.  The impact of any feedback actually depends not only on the methods and the giver but on how it’s...

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