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Getting rid of manuals to reduce stress.

Today, we are talking about manuals. You've likely not heard of this concept, but stick with me, and you'll understand.  We know stressors are everywhere in medicine and, sometimes, we have more control than we realize in improving our experience.


Here's a scenario. Let's say you are checking your inbox before clinic starts, and you see a refill request with a lengthy explanation of why it's needed early. But you had only seen the patient once 18 months ago. They have seen your...

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Video: Setting Boundaries for Your Health


Last month we talked about dropping the manuals for others. In this month's vlog, we cover a coaching perspective on setting and keeping boundaries. 

Learn how the Joy in Family Medicine Hybrid Coaching Program can help your residency program here.

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Video: Holding too Many Manuals

acceptance manuals vlog Jul 31, 2021

This month's vlog is about how keeping manuals for how things "should be" and how people "should act" causes some unnecessary drama and suffering.  Since we can't control people, wishing they were different causes us more pain. Acceptance is such a healthy way to live. But that doesn't mean you can't have "asks" or work to improve things. Stay tuned for next month's vlog on boundaries to see how these two concepts go hand-in-hand.

If you know of a resident or faculty who is struggling,...

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