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Coaching Options for Individuals

Family Medicine Residents, Faculty, and Other Attendings

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12-weeks to Enjoy Life and Thrive in Your Career

-Invest in yourself

-Designed to meet you where you are whether you are disillusioned in your career, wanting more work/life harmony, or doing fine but wanting to take it to the next level

-Enhance your personal and professional fulfillment

-Create the future you desire

Minimal time commitment for maximum impact and value


-Twelve 45 Minute One-On-One Coaching Sessions personalized to your needs

-Twelve Short Video Modules covering key topics to help identify and ditch sources of unnecessary suffering, increase mental and physical energy, and foster your ideal future. You gain back some control, build confidence, efficiency, work/life harmony, and live as your best self.

-Email Access to the coach between sessions

-AAFP Prescribed Credit up to 12 hours (specific topics)

-Pre and post-course self-assessment to see objective evidence of growth

-Optional self-reflection workbook to enhance the process

-$2900 per individual

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6-session Condensed Program


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Renewal Rounds for the Joy FM Community 

-Our continuity offering for the well-being, exclusively for current and previous clients

-Available to all who have participated in any of our programs

-Continued growth through group coaching and peer-to-peer support

-A virtual group community meeting for 

colleague connection

shared experiences



-Solutions to improve our workplaces, work/life harmony, morale, and well-being

 Maximum value for no cost


-At least 2 Guest Coaching sessions annually for residents and attendings

*The Charting Coach, Dr Sarah Smith
*Contract Negotiations, Dr. Linda Street

Plus Others... 

-Like-minded Community - made up exclusively of positive supportive physicians who have the same toolset and want to continue to grow.  

-Three Annual Faculty Gatherings - co-facilitated with a team of academic coach/balint-trained physicians.

-Gratis - This is free to our established clients to support physicians during this unusual time in medicine.


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Natalie F., MD

"Dr. Tonya Caylor and the Joy in Family Medicine program came to me at just the right time. I was feeling overwhelmed by several personal and family issues and trying to balance that with my career in medicine. Tonya is incredibly warm and approachable and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her. Each week I looked forward to my sessions with her and felt that I learned and gained so much from them. She is excellent at being practical and efficient while also taking time truly listen. Before starting I was having a difficult time coping with some tough life circumstances, but by the end I felt so much more prepared to face the challenges in life. I have a much clearer view of what's important to me in my personal and professional life and how to achieve my goals. I feel significantly happier and more self-aware than I was before. The whole process was fun with lots of laughs. I highly recommend this program to any physician. Being a physician in any circumstance is mentally and physically taxing. This program gives you the tools and self-confidence to take on any challenge."

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Corina H., MD

"I have found myself thinking out loud at random times recently about things for which I am grateful. This is a big change from when I started my sessions with you. 

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