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Tonya Caylor, MD, FAAFP, founded Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services® after realizing physician coaching's power and seeing a paucity of it at the resident level. She developed a curriculum and coaching program to give physicians the tools early in their training to sustain a life-long career and find wholeness and joy in the journey. She continues to enjoy her clinical practice and remains as on-call faculty for the Alaska Family Medicine Residency Program.

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Dr. Caylor has had 21 years of post-residency clinical experience, 12 of those years involving academic medicine at the residency level. She completed the faculty development fellowship through the University of Washington. Dr. Caylor is a certified culinary coach through Harvard's Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and a Certified Professional Coach through the Life Coach School. She has completed additional coursework at the Co-Active Training Institute. She has experience coaching medical students in the AMWA-Ignite program, residents, early-career physicians, and faculty. She is a generalist at heart and sees her clients as whole, capable and resourceful.  

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Leslie Waldman, MD - APD

Northwest Washington Family Medicine Residency

"All of us are keenly aware of the toll our profession can take on wellness.  As an APD, I have felt ineffective in finding ways to positively and enduringly impact resident wellness.  Based on our universally positive resident feedback, I think Joy in Family Medicine coaching is definitely one of the ways to address this concern.  I really appreciate not having program faculty directly involved in this experience, it truly gives residents a safe space to be open and honest."

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Casey Kernan, MD

"Residency is hard. I think we all question, at some point our abilities and our purpose in medicine. Professional coaching was new to me but Tonya made it valuable, convenient and fun. She is a joy to work with and helped me find the joy in family medicine. I highly recommend her to anyone in medicine that experiences burnout, frustration in their careers or simply needs to refocus. Thank you."

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Casey Gokey, MD

"A career in medicine can be challenging. Sometimes we are burnt out and we do not even recognize the symptoms. Tonya’s program is refined into manageable sections anyone can find time for.  Even if you think you have it all together, she is able to help clarify goals and give an outside physician perspective on how to prioritize and problem solve. Tonya can help you figure out how to improve work-life balance and align your goals with what is most important to you. I highly recommend physician coaching in general, and I definitely recommend working with Tonya."

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Natalie F., MD

"Dr. Tonya Caylor and the Joy in Family Medicine program came to me at just the right time. I was feeling overwhelmed by several personal and family issues and trying to balance that with my career in medicine. Tonya is incredibly warm and approachable and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her. Each week I looked forward to my sessions with her and felt that I learned and gained so much from them. She is excellent at being practical and efficient while also taking time truly listen. Before starting I was having a difficult time coping with some tough life circumstances, but by the end I felt so much more prepared to face the challenges in life. I have a much clearer view of what's important to me in my personal and professional life and how to achieve my goals. I feel significantly happier and more self-aware than I was before. The whole process was fun with lots of laughs. I highly recommend this program to any physician. Being a physician in any circumstance is mentally and physically taxing. This program gives you the tools and self-confidence to take on any challenge."

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Rima Butler, MD

"She brings a gracious confidence to the challenges of residency and clinical practice. I have grown so much from her coaching!"

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