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Tonya Caylor, MD, FAAFP, founded Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services® after realizing physician coaching's power and seeing a paucity of it at the residency level. She developed a curriculum and coaching program to give physicians the tools they need to enjoy their lives and thrive in their chosen careers. She remains active clinically as on-call faculty for the Alaska Family Medicine Residency and for the local FQHC. 

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Dr. Caylor has had 22 years of post-residency clinical experience, 13 of those years involving academic medicine at the residency level. She completed the faculty development fellowship through the University of Washington. Dr. Caylor is a certified culinary coach through Harvard's Institute of Lifestyle Medicine and a Certified Professional Coach through the Life Coach School. She has completed additional coursework at the Co-Active Training Institute. She has experience coaching medical students in the AMWA-Ignite program and residents, early-career physicians, and faculty through her own programs. She coaches individuals and groups. Dr. Caylor is a generalist at heart and works with her clients on their identified needs. She sees her clients as whole, capable and resourceful.  

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Casey Kernan, MD

Residency is hard.  I think we all question, at some point our abilities and our purpose in medicine.  Professional coaching was new to me but Tonya made it valuable, convenient and fun.  She is a joy to work with and helped me find the joy in family medicine. I highly recommend her to anyone in medicine that experiences burnout, frustration in their careers or simply needs to refocus.

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Rima Butler, MD

"She brings a gracious confidence to the challenges of residency and clinical practice. I have grown so much from her coaching!"

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Dr. Caylor is a member of Coaching for Institutions, the Physician Coaching Alliance, and the Physician Coaches Society and is a fellow of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School affiliate.

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