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Physician Success Tool: Confidence, Part 2 - a look at three common barriers.

Last week we looked at the natural progression of confidence. However, we all know confidence doesn't always follow the expected course, and often even when it's high, something knocks it down. So, this week, we look at why that happens.


There are at least six common sappers of confidence. 1. Unhealthy perfectionism. 2. An overly boisterous inner critic.  3. Impostor Phenomenon. 4. Comparison. 5. Over-reliance on external validation. 6. Projected Judgment. Many of these are...

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Video: Quieting the Inner Critic


Developing awareness that the repeated negative things you think of yourself are not actual facts is the first step in of quieting the inner critic. In this video, I give you a sneak peek inside my brain .  (More detail is given in my written blog.)

Enjoy!  Tonya

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Quieting the inner critic - Part 2 of the inner critic series

Last week, we discussed what the  Inner Critic is and how to develop an awareness of its presence and its damage.  This week, we move on to the next steps of quieting your inner critic.


Step 1 –Awareness as discussed last week.


Step 2 – Get a clear picture of your critic.  In your mind or via some art form, put a face to your inner critic. Does it look like some form of yourself, a drill sergeant, your dismissive stoic teacher with her glasses...

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That pesky inner critic - part 1

inner critic not enough May 01, 2021

We all have an inner critic.


What is an inner critic? The inner critic is that voice inside our heads that spews negative self-talk to us from time to time, or maybe all the time.  It criticizes, judges, and shames us. It reminds us of failures over and over. It paints us in the harshest light. 


When it speaks, it usually says things like “You aren’t _______enough” fill in the blank – good enough, smart enough, tall enough, confident...

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