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Joy in Family Medicine offers coaching to family medicine resident physicians and their faculty, so they can enjoy life and thrive in their chosen career. 

Physician Coaching

The Mayo clinic and Harvard Internal Medicine Residency have published studies showing physician coaching decreases burnout and emotional exhaustion and increases resilience and quality of life.  Coaching gives tools to thrive, clarity of direction, relief from burnout and overwhelm, restoration of balance, and even help with academic difficulty. Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services offers packages and individual sessions of coaching by a certified professional physician coach with academic experience. 

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Joy in Family Medicine is a coaching-plus program. In addition to the the one-on-one coaching, we offer reinforcement and augmentation of existing program curricula. They include professional and lifestyle areas that rose to the top of a faculty and recent graduate needs assessment.


Joy in Family Medicine values positive synergy. We have formed a growing community, in which graduates of the program can stay in touch, learn and encourage each other and receive ongoing monthly group coaching sessions.  


Resident Coaching Courses

6-week one-on-one coaching-plus programs, group coaching-plus programs, and individual coaching sessions are available to help you find joy in the journey! 


Leaders across medicine have discovered the benefits of coaching.

Now resident physicians can access this key to success at a critical time in their careers.

"I use a professional coach regularly, and it improves my leadership and decision-making every month. I grew up as a competitive diver, and every diver has a coach. For that matter, every competitive athlete and team, even the best, have coaches. I could not imagine that my professional work, which is infinitely more complex and consequential, would not benefit from expert, professional scrutiny and feedback. It has. In my opinion, professional coaching is the most effective form of continuing education. A professional coach can help you see your blind spots; can help you clarify your decision making process; can help you build more constructive and therapeutic relationships with patients and colleagues. Engaging a professional coach has been the best professional investment of my career."

Frank Verloin deGruy III, MD, MSFM
Woodward-Chisholm Professor and Chair
Department of Family Medicine
University of Colorado School of Medicine

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