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Flagship 6-Session Hybrid Coaching Program


If you are looking to elevate your program's culture, this option offers the highest return on investment. 

We cover topics via short didactics and via coaching to empower the individuals to enhance professional development and personal well-being while giving them all tools and a common language to keep encouraging one another. 

Our Hybrid Group Session Program combines the global benefits of group coaching with personalized one-on-one individual coaching sessions in addition to the customized teaching curriculum.

Minimal time commitment for maximal value.


- 6 Group Coaching Sessions for your faculty and/or residents separately (We can focus on one class or combine them) 

-24 One-on-one coaching sessions to be distributed as needed (customizable)

-6 Ted-style didactics pertinent to physician well-being and professional fulfillment

-Email access to the coach between sessions for all members

-AAFP Prescribed Credit up to 6 hours

-Minimal clinical disruption - Only 1 hour per session. Sessions can be recorded for those unable to attend

-Customized to weekly, biweekly, or monthly to fit your program's needs

$5500 per group
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 Individual Resident or Faculty Physician Coaching Reset


This is a more intensive option for individual residents or faculty who would benefit from a deeper personal dive on a more discrete level. 

Whether they lack clarity of direction, suffer from burnout, lack balance, or even need assistance in specific areas of academic difficulty, this is a great option you can offer.

It provides external, confidential coaching support with individual attention. Six positive psychology-based coaching sessions have demonstrated effectiveness for burnout, emotional exhaustion, resilience, and quality of life in recent evidence-based studies.

 Nov 2018Aug 2019Oct 2020

Minimal clinical disruption for maximal individual impact at accessible pricing


-Six 45 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions, personalized to the individual's needs

-Email Access  to the coach between sessions

-Confidential - we report to the program only the number of sessions attended and the level of engagement (1-3) the individual displayed.

-Pre and post-course wellness assessment

-BONUS: 6 short video modules with worksheets that offer supportive topics for the individual to improve efficiency, mindset, and fulfillment.


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