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Self-care revisited: Movement and Exercise

exercise movement self-care Sep 04, 2021

In our series of Self-Care Revisited, we have covered the why, sleep, nutrition, and this week we are discussing physical movement and exercise.


There are many benefits of just moving, not being sedentary, including improving postural autonomic health (goodbye dizziness when standing) and decreasing overall cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality.  It's more important to be moving with the aim of 10,000 steps a day than to have some formal exercise and be sedentary (less...

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Video: Self-Care is not selfish


Self-care isn't going to remove all the various external difficulties in the system, but it will bolster your natural resilience and renew your energy for the tasks at hand. 

Recognize that you need to recharge regularly. You will have more energy and presence in all other areas of your life. It is not selfish. Pick one area you know you'd benefit from if done regularly.

1. Prioritize it and put it on the schedule.

2. Keep your promise to yourself.

3. Have fun rediscovering what is...

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Video: Committing to your health as you serve others regarding their health.


My latest Vlog on exercise and movement as busy physicians.

Pro tip: Don't add it to your "should do" list - add it to your "I get to list" and then commit to it but allow flexibility and self-compassion.  

Start low and build up slowly if it's been awhile.


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