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Optimizing Your Mindset in Medicine, Step 3 - Thought Framework

Over the last two weeks, I’ve laid out two fundamental steps to optimize your frame of mind. If you do nothing else, that alone is beneficial.  This week, I’m ratcheting it up a notch to a more advanced step. This is the Thought Model Framework, developed from positive cognitive psychology by Brooke Castillo, master certified coach.


It’s essentially a framework for those of us who are not behavioral science experts to up-level our mindset.


The model is...

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Optimizing Your Mindsets in Medicine, Step 2 - Fact vs Story

A powerful tool to use in improving your day-to-day experience is your own mind. Last week we discussed the first step of optimization - writing and reflecting on your thoughts. This week we will use that download to move on to step 2.


By default, we believe our thoughts to be true. However, physicians, like most humans, have imperfect brains. Our thoughts, the sentences in our heads that our minds automatically produce, are colored by our experiences, the beliefs we grew up with, our...

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Optimizing Your Mindset in Medicine, Step 1 - Awareness

mindset thoughts Jul 09, 2022

It's the beginning of the new academic year in medicine. So, I thought this was the perfect time to write a blog series about a fundamental strategy of coaching – optimizing the mindset. Over the next few weeks, I will walk you through one method I use with those I coach.


Mindset is a mental inclination, a way of thinking. It's essentially the lens through which you view things, a frame of mind. It's also one of the best places to focus effort as it can improve how you...

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Navigating changes and transitions as busy physicians.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will review changes and transitions. Throughout a career in medicine, we face many of those. Today we are going to focus on changes related to you. 


Change can be defined as doing things differently, taking new approaches, seeking something new and/or different in yourself.


Reflect just a minute on your life and career. Make a couple of lists.


What changes do you desire?

What changes are you directing?

What things are you...

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Video: Receiving Feedback as Physicians For Growth


Join me in this month's vlog where my ever-patient instructor, Dr. Julie Hood Wilson, helps me learn to skate ski as an adult. We are joined by Holly Brooks, 2-time Olympian, and high-performance coach, as we discuss better ways to look at feedback as physicians. 

Ready to uplevel your take on things and experience more joy? Learn more about working with me as your coach. 



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