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Step 1: Calming the Chaos and Cultivating Harmony - Time

This week, we will look at one of 3 key areas you can clean up to gain some control and improve harmony in your career and life outside of work. 


Today we will discuss gaining more control of your time.  I know, I know – you don’t have much control, and you feel you have way too much to do to fit it all in. Trust me. I know.


According to author Laura Vanderkam, we all have 168 hours a week. I checked her math. She’s right. Many residents, maxing out...

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Transformation -- the work of shifting your beliefs of who you are.

This is the last post of a 4-part series on change, transition, and transformation


Today we look at a tool you can use to challenge your beliefs – especially those you want to change. What are the things you would like to believe about yourself? What are the results you want? Who do you want to be no matter the circumstance you face?  How do you want to show up – in your practice, in your relationships, in the world? 


The ladder of inference (photo...

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Video: Transitions in Life and Career as a Physician

transitions video vlog Jun 26, 2021

This month's vlog is about knowing the anatomy of typical change and transition so you can normalize the difficult parts.  More tips in my 4 part blog series.

Learn how the Joy in Family Medicine Hybrid Coaching Program can help your residency program here.

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Physicians looking for change may actually need transformation

This week we take our changes and transitions one step further…to transformation.  The words Change, Transition, and Transformation are often interchanged, but I offer a different take for the purposes of this blog.  Let's think of change relating to something we do (actions we take) or circumstances (ones we changed intentionally or ones we didn't choose). Think of transitions as how we adapt our thinking to better support the change, also known as reframing. Transformation...

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Tips for transitioning well as physicians in both career and personal life.

This week, we continue our look at changes and transitions we face throughout our careers and personal lives. Last week we looked at proactive changes you want to make. This week we look at transition to all changes, including those you didn't necessarily ask for or want.  

Transition can be defined as the psychological adaptation to change.

What changes are you undergoing (whether by choice or not)? How are you adapting? 

There are so many good models of transition out there. One...

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Navigating changes and transitions as busy physicians.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will review changes and transitions. Throughout a career in medicine, we face many of those. Today we are going to focus on changes related to you. 


Change can be defined as doing things differently, taking new approaches, seeking something new and/or different in yourself.


Reflect just a minute on your life and career. Make a couple of lists.


What changes do you desire?

What changes are you directing?

What things are you...

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Chase DiMarco hosted me on his Rounds to Residency Podcast

Listen as Chase and I chat about methods and mindset to finding joy in medical training. 

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Video: Quieting the Inner Critic


Developing awareness that the repeated negative things you think of yourself are not actual facts is the first step in of quieting the inner critic. In this video, I give you a sneak peek inside my brain .  (More detail is given in my written blog.)

Enjoy!  Tonya

Check out my 6-week reset for a resident or faculty in difficulty here

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Mindful communication, part 2: Speaking clearly

Last week we discussed the art of listening well, which is a huge part of clear, effective communication.


A good rule to start is even before you utter a word, do 2 things: 1. Check-in with yourself briefly. What’s the real intent behind your communication? – Are you happy with it? 2. Check your stress level.


We want to come with a clean mindset when we communicate all the time, but in higher stakes communication with patients, staff, colleagues, consultants,...

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