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Common Physician Thought Distortions, Mind-Reading and Personalization

Continuing our series on thought distortions, we will look at two more in the assumption category this week - mind-reading and personalization.   


Mind-reading is assuming you know what someone else is thinking. And guess what? Sadly, we aren’t actually psychic.


When getting to the PCU and finding the cardiologist shaking her head as she reads your note on a mutual patient, you may think you know what’s in her mind. If you assume she is thinking,...

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Common Physician Thought Distortions, Jumping to Conclusions and Catastrophizing

This week we are moving into what I classify as the assumption category of thought distortions. We will look at the first two of four - jumping to conclusions and catastrophizing.


Jumping to Conclusions. This pattern of thinking automatically assumes the worst. It's not intentional but a well-worn pathway that lights up. People with this knee-jerk response often get labeled as "negative" or the "Debbie-downers." But remember, it exists for reasons. It is often a response to how we've...

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