Self-care as a busy physician

Self-care can consist of many things.  Good nutrition, exercise/movement, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, reading, spiritual practice, connection with others, gratefulness, giving, setting boundaries, getting out in nature, relaxing, play, restorative sleep, pampering, goal setting/prioritizing, vacations, scheduled alone/down time. Basically, self-care means taking time to improve and prioritize your physical, spiritual, and emotional/mental health.


Many of the self-care items above can lead to rejuvenation in the short-term. The definition of rejuvenate: a transient verb that means to make youthful again; give new vigor, to restore to an original state.  Synonyms of rejuvenation: revitalize, freshen, recharge, refresh, renew, repair, restore, resuscitate, revive. 


Which areas are you neglecting? Which of those areas will benefit you most? Which will feel the best even if you can't imagine fitting them in? Rejuvenating self-care can take...

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