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Navigating changes and transitions as busy physicians.

(Original Post 6/21, updated 12/23)

Over the next few of weeks, we will review changes and transitions. Throughout a career in medicine, we face many of those. Today we are going to focus on changes related to you. 


Change can be defined as doing things differently, taking new approaches, seeking something new and/or different in yourself.


Reflect just a minute on your life and career. Make a couple of lists.


What changes do you desire?

What changes are you...

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Trusting your gut, hand-off bias, and building your 'why's'

I was a second-year resident on my pediatric emergency medicine month. I had worked enough shifts to become comfortable with the duties, the nurses, and the attendings. I listened to the attending take a radio call and was told they were “bringing in an 8-year-old who is playing possum,” implying that the child was faking an unresponsive state. 


Though comfortable walking into any room by this point, I still experienced some anxiety while waiting for a patient arriving...

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