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Cultivating Joy in the Journey of Medicine - Overview.

For my new blog series, I thought I would tackle how to enjoy the journey of medicine.  Many greater philosophers, leaders, and authors than myself have taken on the expansive subject. So, I find myself questioning my ambitious quest to assist readers in this manner, especially divorced from coaching. However, the one thing I have learned after almost 2 years of weekly blogs is I do my best writing whatever is on my mind. And currently, that’s learning to take pleasure in the steps...

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Awaiting the arrival of joy

How many of you have been waiting for joy to arrive? When do you think it will appear?

Many professions and individuals slip into the mentality that they will finally find their joy when they get through the current stage or stressor. It’s incredibly prevalent among physicians, given the nature of our delayed gratification in training. It’s common to think joy will arrive or be delivered after an accomplishment.


“I finished med school and matched into residency”...

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Video: A perspective on family medicine residency training.


Your years in residency training can be hard, but what if they could also be the best years of your life? A perspective on family medicine residency training that you may not have considered, as offered by an Alaskan resident physician coach.  


Have a joy filled day - Tonya

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