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Developing your own personal board of directors

I first heard this great concept of developing your own personal board of directors from Dr. Sasha Shillcutt, who accomplishes more than most people on any given day. If you think of your life as an extraordinary company that can impact the world – and you as its CEO, great benefit can be uncovered by developing your own board of directors that help guide you forward to thrive.


When I had the opportunity, early in my career, to help develop and become the medical director for a...

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Taming Overwhelm Step 1 - Lessons from the Tsunami.

I don’t know a single physician who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at some time, and commonly, felt it very often.  For a long time, I was too busy keeping my own head above water to notice how/what others were doing to deal with it.  Surprisingly then, it was actually during a moment of overwhelm that I discovered another possible perspective.


A few weeks after the 2004 Tsunami that leveled much of Indonesia's Banda Aceh province, I worked with an NGO medical...

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Christmas 2020 was a success!

Christmas 2020


Christmas 2020 was back to the basics in the Alaska Caylor home. A few of the tools I learned from coaching served me well — Permission, Perspective, Engagement.


We normally love to travel and see friends and family during the holidays.  However, with COVID19 numbers peaking around the country, we decided to stay home for the holidays. And, while we normally have an annual get-together at our home for friends and/or family, this year we did not.


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Video: A perspective on family medicine residency training.


Your years in residency training can be hard, but what if they could also be the best years of your life? A perspective on family medicine residency training that you may not have considered, as offered by an Alaskan resident physician coach.  


Have a joy filled day - Tonya

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