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Facing off with decision procrastination.

Last week we reviewed issues that arise around making personal decisions. This week, I’m offering you some steps to deal with the issues raised last week. Then, next week, we will dive into specific actions I find most useful.


Since we identified common procrastination as a barrier to making a decision – let’s talk about overcoming it.

First, the “I’m too busy” root of procrastination. This is like getting in the rental car and hurrying to your...

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Week 5 People-Pleasing and Reputation Management

This week, we are focusing on a spin-off issue around navigating the demands on your time, energy, and attention. Four common issues arise that side-track us. 1. People-Pleasing. 2. Reputation Management. 3. Self-Judgment 4. The Procrastination Habit. Let’s start with the first two.


People-pleasing for physicians sounds so nice, doesn’t it? What could possibly be wrong with it? I think the answer lies within the definition. If you love to serve and make others’ lives...

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