My journey to coaching

I’ve been asked to tell how I ended up in this physician coaching space a few times over the last several weeks. So, I decided to do some reflective writing about my journey.


There were four major experiences that overlapped and culminated in the creation of Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services, LLC.


First, my own personal burnout story which reached the pinnacle in March 2015.  Mine was mid-career in timing (11-20 years out).  I was absolutely loving academic medicine and all the many hats I had to wear.  I really felt like overall I was doing a good job.  Retrospectively, I aimed for perfection in each area and relied on external validation.  I hadn’t yet started viewing perfectionism as something I could dial up or down depending on the task.  I was 100% perfection-oriented on every task. That led to working through each and every lunch time, developing lectures at night, and foregoing socializing with colleagues as...

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