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Aspirations for an Ideal Future in Medicine: Obstacles and Strategies

We are continuing our series involving your ideal future in medicine. For those of you out there saying, “Enough with the dreaming and mindset stuff; I want to take action,” this is your month. 


If you haven’t already, write your goals and the vision behind them. You can use the steps I gave three weeks ago.


Now, I’m going to encourage something contrary to my typical suggestions. I want you to let your mind go wild with the impossibilities and...

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Aspirations for an Ideal Future in Medicine: Your Ideal Practice

We spent a moment last week dreaming about a positive future for medicine. Today, I want to bring it down to you as the individual physician to foster your ideal practice.  I will walk you through a few activities over the next couple of weeks for you to develop your plan.


It will be helpful for you to dig out your purpose in your career statement. If you haven’t written one in a while, you can review how to do that here.  Take a minute to reflect on it.


Next, an...

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