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Psychological Fitness Foundations, SDT Part 2 - Autonomy

This month, we focus on the three basics of psychological well-being that improve vitality, motivation, and performance – Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence.

Last week, I gave an overview of my perspective and experiences of autonomy in medicine. Today we will take a deeper look.


The psychological definition of autonomy is the capacity to make an "informed, uncoerced decision." It involves the individual's ability to participate in an aligning manner willingly. From a social...

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Optimizing Your Mindset in Medicine, Step 6 - Crucial Caveats

We are closing out the details of optimizing your mindset as physicians over the next two weeks. This week we will unpack 2 critical caveats to up-level to quality thoughts and enhance your experience. 



A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you how to move into an intentional thought model. Remember, it was a way to leave a thought behind that was adding unnecessary suffering and replace it with something that both A. was believable and B. that served you better.


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