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Career Takeaway Themes: Part 3 - Career Decision Advice for Family Physicians

I’m continuing to highlight the takeaways from the Careers in FM Blog Series over the past four months, which highlighted 15 fulfilled family physicians with diverse career paths. A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted two major themes that ran through the series – Career Trajectory and Mentorship. Last week, I highlighted the takeaway themes of Finding/Creating Fulfillment and Joy and other significant themes. This week, I'm capturing the wealth of advice...

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Careers in Family Medicine: Rural Practice

It's time to kick off my series on Careers in Family Medicine. Each week over the next 3-4 months, I will highlight a family physician and their career paths. Each one will share their pearls. I hope you find this series helpful in expanding what's possible for you as a family physician and in giving you tangible aspects to consider when choosing your career path or pivoting. Dr. Murray Buttner has had a long career of experiences, so I felt he would make a wonderful example to begin our...

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Aspirations for an Ideal Future in Medicine: Implementation and Pivoting

This week we are putting a couple of finishing touches on the action plan for moving into your ideal practice of medicine. If you’ve been following along, we have:

-Reviewed some perspectives on the hope for the future of medicine

-Developed goals and visions for your individual practice

-Tackled mindset obstacles, including limiting beliefs

-Turned other obstacles into strategies

-Prioritized and calendared your plan

Now it’s time for implementation and what to do when new...

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