Intentional friendships

Starting in residency and amplified ten-fold as we transition to early career, many physicians realize that close friendships take more intention. Often, we are oblivious to it early in our career as we’re so busy working in a new setting and raising families, but it eventually catches up. Over several years, I eventually connected with some special friends in Florida, especially when my work life wasn’t insane.


After moving from Florida to Alaska (another story for another day), I was profoundly grateful to have a group of three other women that became instant friends. Someone had networked us together and we hung out regularly. Over the following year, I became consumed with my academic job and one by one those friends moved out of state.


The loss of connection was insidious. Do you know when it hit me?  When I needed someone to help pick out paint colors! My daughters were grown and living out of state. I had been through burnout and changed to...

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