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This agreement is between, you as the client, and Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services, LLC  to include the written Client Inventories, written exercises and coaching sessions.


The services provided to you include a powerful, comprehensive process for personal development, as designed jointly with the client.  Coaching may address specific personal or professional projects or goals, or general conditions in your life.


The coach confirms that all information provided will be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third person except as required by law. I will be honest and straightforward, asking questions and making requests.  If your program paid for the course,  I will only report the level of engagement (1-3) and the number of sessions attended to the residency program.  I will collect data (pre and post work surveys) for QI purposes that will only be shared with the program about the individual if individual gives express permission.  Compiled and de-identified, not individual QI data, may be shared elsewhere.Your program may collect pre and post data for IRB study 4) I agree to opt-in to email list and to recordings unless I opt-out.  If any recordings are made, they are kept confidential, stored securely and used for you and the coach to review and for documentation of ongoing certification hours. 


To begin our working relationship, and to maximize our effectiveness, I make the following requests:

  1. Please complete the pre-work forms and attempt to come to each call with areas you'd like coaching.However, we can make it work if you don't have time to think through things ahead of time.
  2. Please make all appointments/calls on time or call at least 12 hours in advance to reschedule.There will be no refunds for any missed sessions, though every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate you rescheduling.
  3. Be honest.My job is to support you so honesty will help me do my job.
  4. Sometimes I may ask questions which may seem too probing.If you do not believe that you can give me full permission to be bold and forthright in all our interactions, please let me know.
  5. The actual course content is for you and should not be explicitly copied and shared.

As the client, by agreeing to this document, you understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your well-being during my coaching sessions, including your choices and decisions. You are responsible for any outcomes achieved or not achieved and you will not hold the coach liable for any failure to achieve specific outcomes. You recognize that coaching is not mental health therapy or psychological counseling and that the coach is not making diagnoses or treating you and is not working as a physician in this setting.

  1. The program should make accommodation for the 45 minute weekly coaching calls and 15 minutes of weekly assignments for the resident complete the program during business hours and include an environment to conduct private sessions or make up time in other ways.
  2. The sessions should be completed within the assigned dates for the 6-week or-12 week course. 
  3. Course should be paid in full prior to starting the program. Partial refunds are prorated only if resident encounters unusual circumstances to keep them from participating. Notice in writing is needed by the program upon recognition of such a situation.
  4. A resident that has coexisting mental health and/or substance use disorders should be simultaneously seeking care for those or otherwise is not an appropriate candidate for coaching


By clicking on this, I indicate full understanding and compliance with the requests above, and complete understanding of the services to be provided.  Any disputes regarding this Coaching Agreement shall be resolved under Alaska law in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Resident 6 session group coaching

6 session 12 week resident coaching

What you'll get:

  • 6 short curricular topics with assignments
  • 6 group coaching sessions
  • An optional one hour didactic  case presentation demonstrating clinical reasoning