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In addition to the Terms of Agreement  listed Here, I agree to the following:

Coaching Agreement 

This agreement is between the client (above-named residency program/ physician) and Joy in Family Medicine Coaching Services, LLC for Professional Coaching to include the written Client Inventories, written exercises, and coaching sessions. 

The services provided to the client include a powerful, comprehensive process for personal development, as designed jointly with the client. Coaching may address specific personal projects, business successes, professional development, or general conditions in the client’s life and include the areas the residency program identifies as a need. 

As the coach, I promise that all information provided will be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third person except as required by law. Our interaction aims to help the physician in purpose and alignment with their intentions to support them in realizing those intentions. I will make an effort to accommodate the physician's schedule to the best of my ability. See my coaching availability hours in the link provided.

To maximize success, the following are needed: 

1. A willing physician. Participation in the coaching course should be an “opt-in” and not mandated to maximize coaching efficacy. 

2. When being paid for by a residency program, the program makes accommodation for the 45-minute weekly coaching calls and 15 minutes of weekly assignments during normal business hours and includes an environment to conduct private sessions. 

3. The sessions should be completed within the assigned dates for the 6-week unless otherwise agreed upon. 

4. Course should be paid in full before starting the program. Partial refunds are prorated if physician encounters unusual circumstances to keep them from participating. The program needs to provide notice in writing upon recognition of such situations.

5. Encouragement by the program for the physician to do the prework measurement tools and set up the one-hour evaluative discovery meeting before the week the course starts. This will be emailed to them along with a link to the course.

6. A physician with coexisting mental health and/or substance use disorders should be simultaneously seeking care for those or otherwise is not an appropriate candidate for coaching.

As the client, we understand and agree that the physician is responsible for their well-being during the coaching sessions, including their choices and decisions. We will not hold the coach liable for any failure to achieve specific outcomes. We recognize that coaching is not mental health therapy or psychological counseling and that the coach is not making diagnoses or treating the resident. The coach is not working as a physician. 

By clicking to purchase, you are stating you have read and understood the terms above. You understand that to protect the coaching sessions' integrity, and quality, the feedback provided from me to a residency program is limited to the number of sessions attended out of the expected number and the level of engagement. I collect pre and post-data for QI purposes  (Well-being Index, QOL) but will only share the individual data with the program if the resident gives permission.

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6-week Reset Coaching Intensive

Joy in Family Medicine Reset Coaching package

What your resident or faculty member will get:

  • One 45 min evaluation discovery call with the coach prior to starting
  • Six one-on-one 45-minute weekly coaching sessions
  • Six weekly brief curricular topics that improve physicians' lives
  • Email access to the coach between weekly sessions.

The six weekly sessions should be completed within the six week period of the course.