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Curricular Topics

We developed custom topics identified through a faculty and recent graduate needs-assessment across 3 programs that enhance professional and personal fulfillment and overall wellness. Additional topics were developed based on requests by residents, faculty, and recent graduates. 

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 Professional Development 

Efficiency and time management 

 Purpose in career

Giving and receiving feedback

Mindful communication

Impostor phenomenon/syndrome


Confidence, Control, and Acceptance

Unhealthy Perfectionism

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Personal Life




Navigating Relationships (professional and personal)

Positive coping skills  

Limiting Beliefs

Future Goals

Work-Life Integration

 Through coaching, you will discover tools to improve your experience and uncover your own agency. Coaching enhances work-life harmony to find wholeness and joy in the journey. 

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A unique system 

We help you decrease unnecessary suffering and maximize fulfillment through a systematic approach of short curricular topics combined with personalized coaching that empower you to grow into the future you envision and enjoy life.  

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