Curricular Topics

We cover areas identified by faculty and recent grads that would benefit the resident's overall wellness by spending additional time reinforcing and augmenting practical application. 

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 Professional Development 

Efficiency and time management 

Clinical growth: reasoning and decision-making

 Purpose in career

Professionalism: relationships, communication and boundaries

Impostor phenomenon/syndrome

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 Lifestyle Optimization

 Nutrition and healthy eating patterns

Regular exercise/movement 


Restorative sleep

Social engagement

Positive coping skills  

Work-Life Integration

 Finding wholeness and joy in the journey by merging the professional with the personal through coaching

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A unique system 

We help to decrease unnecessary suffering and increase fulfillment through a systematic approach of topics combined with personalized coaching to help physicians find growth and enjoyment in their lives. We help the physician identify areas of unnecessary suffering, sources of energy renewal, and find their own path. 

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